A Facility for the People of Montville

The Montville Sports and Recreation Ground is located about 3 km south of Montville on the Montville-Maleny Road on what was once Portion 11v, the original selection of Thorvald Weitemeyer, later owned by the Ruddy and then the Glover families.

Established in 1925, this Sports and Recreation Ground was a local response to meet community needs for a sport and recreation venue in Montville to replace the Village Green which had been re-developed into a cultural precinct. The ground was managed by a group of 5 trustees until it was transferred to the Montville Village Association in 1993 to manage in trust for and on behalf of the people of Montville.

Tennis in the 1960s

Tennis in the 1960s

The first sporting facility built at the grounds were the tennis courts as it was considered that tennis was a popular local, social activity that catered for both genders and all ages.  All the great Montville guest-houses of the era boasted tennis courts. In the early 1950s an official tennis club was formed to manage the courts. This club operated for over 60 years until it lapsed at the end of 2013.

Other sporting initiatives quickly followed. A football field was built and the Montville side won the North Coast Rugby League Premiership in 1928. In summer, the oval hosted cricket and a village-like atmosphere was created with the addition of a pavilion and a BBQ for spectators and players alike to enjoy. When the trustees paid off the mortgage in 1939, a celebration was held at the Montville Village Hall where the mortgage papers were ceremoniously burnt and the “Montville Ashes” became our cricket trophy.

One functional Court, 2014

One Functional Court, 2014

Population changes saw the demise of football and cricket but these were replaced by soccer in the 1990s. Then in 1996 the Blackall Range Woodcrafters Guild negotiated with the Montville Village Association to lease a corner of the grounds for a shed. This group, affectionately known locally as the ‘Woodies’ is now the major tenant at the grounds and it is in its ‘shed’ that it creates the  wonderful, wooden toys every year for charity and such community treasures as the red cedar doors of the Maleny Community Centre.