• Montville Store

    The Montville Store

  • Memorial Trees and Hall

    Memorial Trees and Hall, 1930s

  • Waggon at Landershute

    Bullock Waggon, Landershute

  • Alf Smith’s Home Montville 1918

    Alf Smith outside his home,1919

  • Fruit Display  Brisbane RNA Show 1927

    Display of Montville Fruit Produce 1927 RNA Show


This web site was created by the volunteer members of the Montville Historical Group.   We are currently focusing on the evolution of Montville and Flaxton and will be adding more stories and photographs as time goes by.

If you have photos, stories, family histories or recollections to share about Hinterland districts including Montville, Flaxton, Balmoral and Hunchy we would love to hear from you.

Contact us by emailing research@montvillehistory.org.au

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This month’s featured book:

Book 2  Fifty Years of Boom and Bust 1914 to 1964  is a 206 page A5 book compiled and edited by Cate and Doug Patterson. It follows the next fifty years and the next generation of settlers in Montville and includes stories from a number of sources including the children and grandchildren of early settlers along with newspaper articles by author and poet, Vance Palmer, the brother of Emily Palmer, the first teacher at Razorback Provisional School later Montville State School. Cost $20 plus $5 postage.