• Montville Store

    The Montville Store

  • Memorial Trees and Hall

    Memorial Trees and Hall, 1930s

  • Waggon at Landershute

    Bullock Waggon, Landershute

  • Alf Smith’s Home Montville 1918

    Alf Smith outside his home,1919

  • Fruit Display  Brisbane RNA Show 1927

    Display of Montville Fruit Produce 1927 RNA Show


This web site was created by the volunteer members of the Montville Historical Group.   We are currently focusing on the evolution of Montville, Flaxton and Hunchy and will be adding more stories and photographs as time goes by.

If you have photos, stories, family histories or recollections to share about Hinterland districts including Montville, Flaxton, Balmoral and Hunchy we would love to hear from you.

Contact us by emailing research@montvillehistory.org.au

You can use the search field below to search the whole of site or simply access via the navigation bar at the top.  Enjoy!

This Month  – August  The Montville Dome turns fifty in August this month and the History Group has been able to include further research about the once wonderful tourist attraction. Read the revised story in The Dome Turns 50.

August is also the month for The Rangebow Festival, August 10 – 13. check out therangebowfestival.org 

Get in quick and be part of history as this inaugural festival gets underway.Tickets are selling fast – jump online and secure yours now!
If you are looking for some great conversations head to The Enchanted Garden on the Village Green at Montville, it’s free and offers topical,
entertaining and sometimes challenging speakers from all walks of life with music, song and entertainment to lighten you up – it is a festival
after all. Listen to stories – some historic tall yarns by Doug Patterson about early Montville settlers and their hair-raising experiences, an Australian Paralympian, First Nations people; the captivating Joan Hanger, Princess Diana’s Dream Analyst, who will takeyou on a wild ride through your dreams.
The Bunya Bears Brunch on Saturday 13 August in the main street of Montville is a must for all families, its free and is a FUN day offering
multicultural foods, roving entertainment, dress up competitions and organisers offer public transport from Landsborough and Montville with
details and ticket cost available on the website above.

Take photos/videos and write about your special experience at an event at The Rangebow Festival and we’ll build up an historic record of this Festival and share your experience with others. Have a fabulous time!!

2022 is the centenary of the opening of the Flaxton Provisional School. Book 6 in the series, Montville Stories, Silky Oaks and Camphor Laurels tells the engaging story of the old Flaxton school and those fortunate children who can claim it as ‘my school’.  This book is available for purchase now.